Safety is not just another program, it is our belief. As part of our company culture, every single member of the BlackSand Team has passed a certain level of OSHA training and certification. To maintain a zero-incident environment, we evaluate the safety concerns of each project and tailor specific programs around those needs. With every project that we undertake, our goal is to assure a safe and clean work environment where every participating member can return home safely.  




Through our Design-Build method, our team works directly with each client from initial concept through completion to provide design and construction services. By utilizing our quality-control measures throughout the process, we are better able to ensure an effective and precise build-out. 

Design Assist

Design-Assist is a method of project delivery where our team utilizes experienced and accomplished MEP subcontractors in coordinating each structure of the project. Our specialized MEPs closely collaborate with the client and design-team to ensure that each element is devised to met the project's intentions.



Integrated Project Delivery

With Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), we align our clients with a multifaceted group of individuals, systems, business structures and practices. Collaborating under the same contract, each group's individual expertise is utilized to the fullest to enhance project results.